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Why come to HCP

  • I have worked as a Couple, Individual and Psychosexual Psychotherapist and as an Assessor for the renowned Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR) for many years. During this time my clients have experienced significant levels of positive change.

  • I work for a Harley Street psychotherapy clinic as a Couple and Psychosexual therapist, helping couples to repair aspects of their relationship that have become problematic as a consequence of addiction issues

  • Through my own experiences with Analysis and my professional training I have developed self-awareness, objectivity and an ability to suspend judgement, thereby ensuring clarity and focus on my clients’ needs 

  • As a member of various professional organisations, I remain at the forefront of new ideas and practices from the world of Couple and Sexual


  • Each therapy is bespoke, focusing on the needs of the couple as an entity in its own right

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